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Mount n View Taxidermy, L.L.C., Premier Studio (928)699-9336

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Chris and Shelley Favour
are Happy to assist at Mount n View Taxidermy. They enjoy spending time Bowhunting, Fishing and Exploring the Outdoors. Chris has been a Taxidermist since 1989 when he was only 18 years old and began his career as an artist in Flagstaff, Arizona where he and his wife still reside.  It isn't often that a true passion is discovered at such a young age.   He is an Avid Bowhunter and a Wildlife Enthusiast with a True Love of the Outdoors and this Shows through his Work.  His Artistic Ability comes to Life in Every Piece completed. Chris Specializes in Custom Pieces, Trophy Rooms and Special Requests to Ensure each Mount is a True Piece of Art.

Alaska 2012
Alaska 2012


Arizona 2004

Shelley and Chris 2012

Mexico 2015

Arizona 2009

Eric Bachstein is our Mount and Base Support Specialist. Eric has been part of our team since 2010 and brings an artistic ability to our mounts. Eric enjoys hunting and fishing and is an outdoor enthusiast.

Mount n View Taxidermy